ABM Surface Protector SP10
ABM Surface Protector SP10 is a tailor made solvent base protective coating for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, and cast iron etc. We encourage to apply by using roller on the metal surface to act as antirust that can prolong the life of the metal surface.

ABM Premium Mould Oil WB618

ABM Premium Grade Mould Oil WB618  is a high-grade blend of mineral oils and chemicals specially designed to promote a de-mould interface between both steel and timber formwork during concreting. 
ABM Premium Grade Mould Oil WB618 forms a very low surface tension on the formwork thus preventing the adhesion of the cement matrix to the formwork.

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ABM Mould Oil SB21
Mould Oil - Mould release agent, Solvent Base ABM Mould Oil is a solvent base emulsified safe release agent, user friendly, economical and suitable for most types of aluminium formworks and metal formworks. It is ready to use and produces a uniform stain free surface.

ABM Green Eco Oil Water Base WB22

Green Oil - Mould release agent, Water base ABM GREEN (ECO) Oil is a water-based mould release agent.
ABM GREEN (ECO) Oil is an environmentally friendly, cost effective and durable used for indoor and outdoor applications, it is able to withstand heavy rain and high temperatures. It has a strong release performance, easyapplication and cleaning of the formwork.

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