AXEL Epoxy Grout 302i (High Strength)

Axel mortar 302I is a specially formulated double component composite quartz reinforced high strength epoxy grout mortar with anti-skid or rough inish.Is mainly used as a high early strength grout patching for repair, bonding in concrete or metal substrates as in spun pile jointing, concrete square pile, U drain, culverts, manholes, pre-cast beams ,bridges, and columns.

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Axel 904D Mould Oil (Oil Based Mould Release Agent)

Axel Mould Oil 904 D is an oil based formwork release agent specially designed to promote a de-mould interface between both steel and timber formwork during concreting. Axel Mould Oil 904 D forms a very low surface tension on the formwork to prevent adhesion of the cement matrix to the formwork.

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