Particle Chipboard

Particle Chipboard


Particle Chipboard


Chipboard is made rubber wood and tropical wood being mixed together and crushed till it becomes wood chips. It is then being pressed together with high pressure and temperature. A normal chipboard is cheaper and more dense than a standard plywood but is less denser than a medium density fibreboard (MDF). 

One huge drawback of a chipboard is that the surface are vulnerable to swelling when comes in contact with water especially when it is not covered with spray paint or veneers. 

It is usually used on furnitures that are low cost and sustainable enough with standard quality. 

Safety precaution is needed when dealing with chipboard because unhealthy chemicals are released when it is being cut. 

Cutting a chipboard can release formaldehyde and few other chemicals and will burn the eye when a person stands too close or too long near it. 


Size 9mm 12mm 15mm 16mm 18mm 25mm
4′ x 8′
(1220mm x 2440mm)
Yes Yes Yes x Yes Yes
6′ x 8′
(1830mm x 2440mm)
x x x Yes x x